Danny Daniels And Josh Jared From Eurocreme

Cute blondie and Eurocreme exclusive Danny Daniels sneaks in a fellow military friend in the form of rough straight boy Josh Jared. Supposedly he’s there to help Danny in his search for the recently disappeared JP. When Danny and Josh head to their room for a couple of cans of beer it becomes obvious how sexy this straight young lad is. After a few rounds, Josh allows himself to be talked into a blowjob by cheeky Danny. ”Just pretend it’s a girl,” Danny says and it’s all Josh needs to kick back, let himself go, and enjoy getting serviced by the hungry cocksucker. Butt naked and sucking on his army comrade as if he’s been doing it all his life, Danny tries to be quiet but sound travels at the DreamBoy and all their moans and slurping make it clear both are enjoying what they’re doing. Especially when Danny tempts Josh with a hot tongue fuck! It’s something Josh has never experienced and he’s all up for a good rim job. Things move quick with Josh and in moments he’s getting fucked, letting Danny take his ass for the very first time a the lucky lad! Flipping him this way and that, sliding his entire length in and out of the formerly virgin hole, Danny opens up a new world for Josh then spew gallons of spunk.

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James Longhill Solo From Eurocreme

After catching fit blond solider boy Danny sneak in fellow soldier Josh into the hotel, James can’t help himself but fantasize about army life and the sexual exploits a bunch of testosterone fueled boys get up to! As he starts going into a world of imagination, reality comes back with a bang, on the wall! He hears Danny and Josh working up a sweat in the room next door, and James can hardly contain himself! Working his juicy cut dick, constantly lubed up with the house 9x6 lube, his dick isn’t the only thing getting attention and he pulls out a great sized dildo which is slides inside him, imagining Danny and Josh being there pounding into him until he shoots his load, wiping it up and tasting his own juice!

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Johannes Winter, Alex Stevens And Nick Daniels From Eurocreme

Johannes heads to Prague to meet up with sexy Eurocreme Exclusive star Alex Stevens! The chemistry between CamBoy and the muscled, mischievous Czech stud is clear from the moment they meet, and it only gets hotter when Alex takes him home to meet his sexy housemate, Nick!! With dark hair and big puppy eyes, he’s just as cute as Alex, and his tanned, lean body is crying out to be explored! The boys can’t help but get into a horny threeway fuck, with Alex and Johannes spitroasting the delicious twink between them, who clearly loves every minute of having his holes used!!

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Anthony Thomas, George Basten And John Elliot From Eurocreme

Sneaking a photo or two of the fit builders working nearby, Anthony Thomas cana’t help but imagine what it would be like to have them both all over him. Cue a horny scene with George and the dark guy stuffing their rock solid weapons into his face and willing ass. The dark guy has a fantastic Italian Stallion look, and a cock to match!! Anthonya’s ass gets well and truly used before a complete spunk shower coats him in thick cum!! Ita’s one fantasy we all have and wish we could fulfill as cock hungrily as he does!!

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Alex Stevens And Damien Esco From Eurocreme

Czech superstar Alex Stevens teams with Damien Esco, the French fucker in an awesome pairing where Alex shows off his active side, as Damien is well and truly fucked into the bed. Keeping their kits on as long as possible, the ass workout is second to none, the kit must turn on these stars so much, as Damien pulls Alex closer, wanting more and more dick in his ass, and Alex’s hot body flexes amazingly, each thrust tightens his abs, the sight and feel is enough to get Damien shooting, shortly followed by Alex adding his load in, it would sure be a great tasting mixture!!

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Will Jamieson, Scott Black And Sean Dawson From Eurocreme

Now Jamieson looks even sexier in a suit and he introduces us to Gareth played by Sean Dawson, who is in his office telling Jameson about what he got up to the night before and almost at the same time an office handyman walks into the office to do some decorating. Anyway before handyman played by Scott Dawson can get his tools wet, we see both Dawson and Black at it with each other, whilst Jameson starts to rub himself off watching them both together. Black is the tallest and thinnest of the three and looks very council estate type, with cropped dark hair, whilst Dawson, who is nicely slim and smooth with blond hair, looks very posh and horny. Whilst Dawson is laid on the desk getting his cock gobbled on by Black, Dawson sucks on Jameson’s cock deep throat style. Dawson soon ends up getting his blond butt hole screwed by Black and a little later on, Jameson fills Dawson’s mouth with his squirting man cream.

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Jordan Sins, Leo Marco, Caleb Moreton And Alex Stevens From Eurocreme

StreetBoy Jordan gets caught by the big tough man in charge (guest starring Alphamalea’s Trojan Rock) and sent back to the den to await his next job. Bored and hating being there with the other street kids, therea’s a porno on the TV and what else can a group of boys do to while away the time but get their cocks out?! Cue an awesome foursome from the young fresh faced twinks, including one of the HUGEST dicks in DreamBoy history. If massive meat is your thing, then this is definitely for you!! Therea’s no hole thata’s not a goal and the horny fuck-fest culminates with a cock throbbing spunk session to get you joining in the cum fun!!

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Dallen Sidtka, Evan Foxx And Drake From Eurocreme

Dallen’s back for more and this time he’s got 2 mates along for the ride!! Indieboyz favourite Evan Foxx and newbie Drake, with a cute baby face (apart from when it’s full of cock) gets the first slice of Evan’s dick slamming into him whilst Dallen is eager to have some of that afterwards! Fucking him into the kitchen counter, Evan takes his second fuck to new heights as we get closer than ever to the action!! When all three lads start to jerk hard, we know we’re in for a cum gushing treat, Drake getting facefuls firstly from Evan, then another from Dallen as it drips off his dick!!

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Philippe Delvaux And Kai Cruz From Eurocreme

Sneaking off for a quick fuck with the guy he’s been chasing all along, Kai and Philipe finally get it on!! Both have such delicious dicks that we’ve been leering at throughout the film, it’s superb to see them both together, Kai taking the lead and slapping his throbbing cock over and up Phillipe’s smooth body, opening his legs to allow Kai extra depth, feeling each inch push harder past his hole. Watching their toned bodies flex and tighten, it’s a stunning fuck to feel part of as their abs show just as the spunk flies out of their bouncing dicks!!

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